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Flooring Installation Buffalo, NY
Almost seventy-five years ago, floor covering was a highly skilled trade in which flooring contractors took great pride in the quality of their work and the manner in which they provided that service. Flooring craftsmen once produced hand sewn seams, mud set walls and floors, flash coved linoleum and linoleum insets that lasted decades.

Only O'Brien's brings this kind of quality to every commercial flooring job.

The quality of modern day flooring installation and products have been slowly eroded by fast track construction, loose lay products and snap together floors. As a result, we at felt there was a need in the present for the same quality and service that was a trademark of the past. We believe that quality and service is the best way to beat the downturns in the flooring industry for installers, businesses and customers alike.

So trust us for your hardwood flooring, carpet tiles and more!

This page serves as an introduction of us to you and to share with you our principles associated with quality and service. We at O'Brien's Quality Service Flooring, Inc. in Cheektowaga, NY, near Buffalo NY, are trying to put the pride and craftsmanship back into the business while passing these ideals along to the next generation of installers to come. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.